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Batka – Ałive: An Electronic Odyssey Between Serenity and Storm

BaŁka went down a cinematic storm in their latest release, Ałive, featuring PRESPHNE. The seductively progressive hit opens on a note of ethereal transcendence with the intricate instrumental layers efficaciously complementing the quiescent harmonic whispers, but it isn’t long before the intensity builds within the momentum of the tour de force of seamlessly chameleonic shifts in tone and tempo.

The head-spinning hits of Drum ‘n’ bass contort Ałive into a pulsative juggernaut of an anthem; the industrial rock aesthetics which follow act as further attestations to BaŁka’s ability to move sonic mountains with virtuosic melodic manipulations.

From the exponentially expansive crescendos to the transient installations of nature-infused cathartic tranquillity which follows like serenity after a storm purges the atmosphere, Ałive is definitive proof that few artists are as capable as BaŁka in depicting the duality between the brutality and ferocity of the human experience.

The inspiration for his powerful sound design is so much more than just an abstract concept. The thematic essence of his work hits you as hard as the beats, which goes a fair way in explaining how in six months within the industry, he’s already had an official release on MONTA Records, been signed by the LA-based music group, Cage Riot, and garnered over 30k streams.

Stream Ałive on all major platforms, including Spotify, now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Drum n Bass entered into a new evocative era with Joy Doc’s All of Me

Joy Doc’s latest single, ‘All of Me‘, is a compelling showcase of her multifaceted talent as a drum and bass producer, vocalist, songwriter, DJ, and pianist. Hailing from London, Joy Doc has been carving a niche in the UK’s electronica scene, and this track is an undeniable testament to her superlative prowess.

The track commences with an ornate orchestral introduction, setting an evocative stage for what’s to come. As Joy Doc’s vocals enter, “Oh Lorde,” will be the first thing on your mind due to the striking resemblance and depth in her voice. These vocals, layered over the sound of hammered piano keys, create a hauntingly beautiful atmosphere, where you can contemplate the self-sacrifice of giving someone your whole essence only to transform into a shell of who you were before you surrendered yourself completely and knelt at the feet of romantic mercy.  The lyrics poignantly explore the transformation of self when consumed by love, painting a vivid picture of becoming a secondary character in one’s own love story.

The production, handled by Joy Doc herself, is flawlessly and meticulously crafted, ensuring that the listener is drawn in and remains captivated until the outro and then some; the crescendos of drum & bass momentum are tensile, perfectly timed to elevate the track’s emotional intensity.

Mixed and mastered by Jose De Mara, ‘All of Me’ is a declaration of Joy Doc’s potential to dominate the electronica landscape. Her previous accolades, including her debut E.P ‘Sunshine‘ and the recognition of her track ‘Been Here Before‘, are just the beginning.

All of Me will hit the airwaves on April 19th; stream the single on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

ZOĒ conjured indietronica alchemy within the dreamily hued layers in her latest release, TELL ME

ZOĒ’s latest seminal single, TELL ME, is an intricately constructed track that weaves a tapestry of sound, skilfully balancing indie pop roots with a bold foray into progressive electronica. ZOĒ’s vocal prowess is the linchpin of the composition, providing a soulful constancy that enriches the dreamy, layered soundscape. Her voice, both innocent and imbued with the gravity of truth, serves as a beacon guiding the listener through the philosophical musings of the lyrics. The song’s thematic exploration of autonomy resonates deeply, posing introspective questions about self-reliance and the solitary nature of personal answers.

Since her debut with “Long Time Sun” in 2020, ZOĒ has accumulated a loyal following, captivated by her unique sound that refuses to be eclipsed by its commercial sheen. The distinct layers in TELL ME underscore this signature style. There’s a richness and depth that hints at her evolved artistry, stemming from her spiritual journey and commitment to authenticity.

The backdrop of ZOĒ’s life—her role as a mother and her connection to nature through her cat, chickens, and bees—adds a personal dimension to her music. These elements of her world seem to inform her art, allowing her to create music that is not only a salve for her soul but also for those who seek solace in her sound.

Heading into 2023, ZOĒ stands out as an artist to watch, promising a journey into the heart of music that is as transformative as it is melodic.

TELL ME was officially released on November 10th; stream the single on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Embark on an oceanic odyssey with Specie11’s latest single, Jellypus

After cutting their teeth in the music industry in metal bands, the one-man powerhouse behind the moniker Specie11 embraced the limitless opportunities for expression which lie within electronica production.

Their recent single, Jellypus, starts with a pacifically placid exploration of downtempo electronica and jazz before the soaring electronic guitars riff some rock elements into the ambiently epic single, which is just as cinematic as War of the Worlds, with a smorgasbord more tranquillity and beguile. Typically, I hate the phrase ‘it’s a vibe’, but there are few better ways to allude to the mood-driven atmosphere contained within this creatively euphonic emotional journey.

With an air of the 80s oscillating through the mellow instrumental track, the sense of nostalgia becomes a grounding centre of gravity in the intrinsically experimental release, which will be your tour guide on an oceanic odyssey.

Jellypus is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Flamenco & Electro Amalgamate in Kuma Pop’s Progressive Production, Por Dentro ft Jey Varez

Kuma Pop

Stellar songwriter and producer Kuma Pop teamed up with the Andalusian artist Jey Varez, who layered his exotically inviting flamenco vocals into the soul-heavy feat of electro house, Por Dentro.

His vulnerably sincere vocal notes open the progressive track, which evolves from a shimmering feat of downtempo house into a playful synth-pop mix before ramping up the energy to reveal a bass-drenched drop-filled anthem, orchestrated to make you lose your head and find your heart on the dancefloor.

Every beat was succinctly placed to make Por Dentro (which translates to ‘Inside’ in English) an evocative rollercoaster that lovers of progressive anthems will never tire of riding. It’s as imploring as it is clever; we hope to hear more collaborative chemistry from the dynamic duo.

Por Dentro will officially release on December 2nd; check it out on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Rob Benny is ‘Still Searching’ for meaning in his percussive EDM single.

I’m not a big advocate of the adjective epic, but nothing else comes to close to encapsulating what the NYC electronica artist and producer Rob Benny conjured with his percussive EDM single, Still Searching.

With the world music overtones, there is a vital sense of spirituality in the progressive mix. Given that there is a fundamental lack of that around in 2022, Still Searching is a revitalising sensory experience, which affirms that even in the most trying times, there is still meaning and purpose out there; you just have to reach for it. Even though we are instant gratification-seeking creatures, meaning takes time to manifest. I couldn’t think of a better soundscape to drink in while we wait.

Still Searching is now available to stream on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Close to Monday – Kripko Spi: Transcendently Experimental Progressive Electronica

The indie breakthrough artist, Close to Monday, was one of the few artists that managed to garner international attention and affection in 2021. Based on their recently released EDM hit, Kripko Spi, Close to Monday’s success was one of the only things that made sense during our most recent perplexing trip around the sun.

With entrancing beats that would give Front 242, Covenant, and Skinny Puppy a run for their money towards the outro, it scarcely comes as a surprise that so many immersed themselves in Close to Monday’s sound that breaks the monocultural mould while creating a demurely alluring sensory experience.

With the 7-minute duration of Kripko Spi, the progressive single has plenty of time to transition from the ambience in the prelude to the dancey harsh beats. The vocals are minimalist, but every time they come to the surface, they’re nothing short of intoxicating.

Kripko Spi is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Lux Kiddo has released his harsh electronic hit, Robot Curmudgeon 

With percussive inspiration from the likes of Aphex Twin and Squarepusher, Lux Kiddo’s latest harsh electronica mix, Robot Curmudgeon, flows with an ensnaring tempo and an even more magnetic pull through the progressive influence of Infected Mushroom.

The Brooklyn-born, Phoenix-based experimental artist has worked as a sound tech and musician since the relocation from his home town; in 2020, he dropped his debut album Cityscapes. Now that dancefloors are back open, we’re sure they will be eager to hear more of his uniquely explorative style that uses familiar industrial/EBM elements with refreshing melodic flair.

Robot Curmudgeon was released on August 5th; you can check it out for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud. 

Review by Amelia Vandergast

US EDM producer, Beatzler has dropped their entrancingly immense release ‘Games Forever’

US EDM producer, Beatzler’s latest mix, Games Forever is the epitome of a floor-filler; even if there’s no atmosphere in the room, there’s plenty within this entrancingly immense progressive mix.

When producers can create vibes instead of just beats, that’s how you know they’re a cut above the rest, which pretty much makes Beatzler the sharpest knife in the draw. His lacerating hooks which drag you into dizzying dubbed drops are all too effective at immersing you completely in his playfully arrestive progressions.

Needless to say, fans of dopamine-teasing euphoric EDM will want Beatzler on their radar.

Games Forever is available to stream via SoundCloud. Play it loud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Explord Leaves Us Wanting ‘More’

Busting out of Missouri, the US Midwest isn’t perhaps the first place you think of as the home of kicking glitchhop, but here with ‘More’ presaging his new EP ‘Exposure’, composer/producer Logan S – a.k.a. Explord – has pretty much knocked it out of the park.

Dubsteppy, dark in places yet chilled and laid-back, ‘More’s sparsely instrumented with an excellent repeated female vocal motif and reverb-soaked drums punctuating the sequenced electronica. It sounds in moments like an old-school chiptune piece, or maybe incidental music from 90’s arcade games; think Ridge Racer or Outrun, rain-soaked streets and night-time neon mixed with the Glitch Mob, Pegboard Lights, or KOAN Sound.

You can check out ‘More’, and Explord’s new EP, on Spotify, or follow on Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes