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Profound Artist lays it all down with Hip Hop anthem ”Spiritual Warfare”

Profound Artist is a real storytelling emcee. This Canadian artist is a special talent and he rips through all the nonsense with a rugged true story of massive weight and meaning.

Spiritual Warfare” is the newest release from his collection and this has just laid down a huge mountain of intent.

The Montreal emcee Profound Artist sends out a message about corporations and how the world is going absolutely crazy. He sends through a message that leaves nothing to chance. This is an artist that keeps it real with his fans and this is a particular highlight. This is no corny rapper, This is grown adult Hip Hop that youngsters can hopefully relate to and use this knowledge to make informed decisions.

The beat is slamming on ”Spiritual Warfare’‘ and it’s that thudding feeling that crashes through while listening to this. Everything is so well constructed and you can hear the passion throughout the bars. This is top notch music.

Check out the jam right here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen