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Protect Yourself: Pat Smith urges us to be save during these pandemic-riddled times on ‘KN95’

Taken off his four-track ‘The Covid Chronicles (Unplugged) EP‘, Pat Smith showcases his undeniable quality with his smart outlook on the lead single called ‘KN95‘.

Patrick Smith aka Pat Smith, is a singer-songwriter, veteran and professional athlete, who makes that soulfully aware music about knowing your true value, in this often cheap-quick type of world.

This is the story about staying safe in these wild times on Earth, as he have once again, been tasked with restarting again while staying sane. He performs with that real inspiring voice, that makes you remember that life can actually be simple if we all just stay calm and follow some basic guidelines.

This is a soul/RnB song with an indie acoustic flavor which tastes really good, as he sings with that extra bit of class that is so often lacking in a show-off bling, fake type of society.

KN95‘ from the soulfully aware RnB artist Pat Smith, is that pure song about being safe and wearing a mask, even if you don’t like it. He sings from the heart and this is such an important message in these times of so much unpredictability and confusion. Just wearing that mask when outside is so simple, and what do you have to lose anyway?

Stream this lovely track on Spotify and see his journey via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen