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Priya Renu D’Amico

Wonderful West Palm Beach folk artist PRD flies free from those dark days on the inspiring anthem ‘Be Yourself’

As she followed her beating heart and moved swiftly away from the engineering job that didn’t love her back, PRD shows us the way to that true self-enlightenment with her latest soothing single all about listening to your all-important intuition on ‘Be Yourself‘.

Priya Renu D’Amico aka PRD, is a soulful indie-folk singer-songwriter who is from sunny West Palm Beach, Florida.

Priya fell in love with songwriting shortly after she started playing guitar at the age of 14. Ever since then she has been obsessed with writing impactful music that will make a difference in the world.” ~ PRD

This is the true story about taking your time to work out what you really want to do in life, as you brush off those naysayers who can’t see what you can. She sings with that beautiful energy throughout this delightful experience and sounds excited about the future, knowing that she made the only decision that was right for her.

With a warm layer of love attached – you feel the genuine kindness of a gifted young woman on a mission – to make that sweet music that is gloriously peaceful, showing others the way to that happy road of self-love.

This song was inspired by her own personal journey of finding her true path in life as a musician, and she hopes it can help others find their own purpose as well.” ~ PRD

Be Yourself‘ from the impressively inspiring West Palm Beach, Florida-based indie-folk singer-songwriter PRD, is such a stirring message you might have to listen to twice. She displays an abundance of courage and desire to better herself, to do what she feels is right inside where it matters. Her soul is now alive and frolicking freely like an inquisitive bird, as she eventually ignored what others told her before. This is a brave soul who took lots of stifling heat for doing what she thought was right, as she wanted to be happy and just sing.

Being truly content is the only way to avoid that caged-up feeling up after all.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see her journey to self-fulfilment on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen