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In The Papers: Cardiff’s The Vanities wonders if we will see the future on Private Army

Swerving away from their usual sound with an epically performed orchestral affair to hold hands in hope with, The Vanities strike the clocks of our moral code with a rather special effort which is due for release on 31st March, Private Army.

The Vanities is a Cardiff, Wales-based 90s-fused grungey-like 80s synth/electro-pop/rock outfit that only ceases to amaze the underground with its tailored-for-excellence sound.

After impressing all listeners with previous marvels Dropping A Bomb, London and Hollywood Hills, The Vanities simmer deeply about the ravaging wars and the scarcely believable actions of humankind.

Sung with genuine care to the state of play in the world and bringing us such a different experience, shows us their astute brilliance and all-around authenticity in a seemingly fake world.

Private Army from the excellently projected Cardiff, Wales-based band The Vanities is a quite spectacular song which deserves all the love in the world. There is a leader-like mentality on offer and soaring melodies to get lost inside. Breathless throughout and giving humanity a message to hear at full volume, this is proper music for the soul alright.

Listen up closer on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen