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Nina G Releases Sassy Pop Video For “No Average Princess”

Everyone needs a bit of life-affirming, empowering, Day-Glo pop in their lives and that is exactly what Nina G delivers with this sassy song and its accompanying fun video. Blending pop infectiousness with modern R&B grooves and always with a view to where the music and video counterpoint exists, she blurs the lines between Disney Princess imagery and alternative cabaret visuals. And the result is a song and video which has both mass market appeal and will tick all the right boxes for the more serious pop picker, the younger market taking it all on its fun face value, the slightly older set revealing in its effortless coolness and the message which it has to offer.

Whatever your age Nina G makes music which whilst might seem slightly frivolous on the surface is actually quite challenging, not to mention reassuring in its message. And the message is have fun on your own terms, break which ever rules you chose and do it your own way. Not only is it destined to be a club floor filler, Nina is the perfect role model for the young girls. It is fine to want to be a Disney Princess but now you have your very own Viking pop warrior to look up to.