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Princess of Neon

Texas-based artist Dicarlo knows what needs to be done to find that success on ‘Princess of Neon’

With a cinematically intricate atmosphere that has you instantly in a reflective mood as you wonder where you are headed, Dicarlo tells us the truth with the honest new release that will leave you gazing into your soul with ‘Princess of Neon‘.

Dicarlo is a new music project coming from the creative mind of the Fort Worth, Texas-born singer-songwriter, Vincent DiCarlo.

After 4 years in the making; the debut self-titled EP will be released in four parts.” ~ Dicarlo

Flying high and showing us the new world that has welcomed in a new way of doing things which might cause many to wonder if their hopes will be seethed away in an instant like burnt toast, Dicarlo sings with real intent as he brings his wealth of knowledge to the table – and warns us to be careful – from getting too sucked into the ravishing waves that can crash all over you.

Princess of Neon‘ from Fort Worth, Texas-born indie singer-songwriter Dicarlo, is a single that will probably shock many but leave others in agreement. With the music landscape changing from those classic days as former heroes are wheeled outside by the back door, this is a wake-up call to those who haven’t evolved and have rather stubbornly stayed stuck in their ways as the world flipped upside down.

Hear this new single on Spotify and check out more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen