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Maybe We Can Fly Away: Exceptional Australian folk duo Boy On A Hill spit out the sour pips to grow that long-term love on ‘Superglue’

After having our loving hearts in a crush-filled flutter with ‘Pretty Thing‘ from earlier on this year, the awesome Boy On A Hill fellas are back at it again on the fixing-the-cracks single about never giving up on love with ‘Superglue‘.

Boy On A Hill is an outstanding Perth, Western Australia-based indie-folk/pop duo with a vibe that keeps your soul alive with hope. They smartly strap on those laced-up boots, kick the pesky rocks away, and take us onto a safe path with a sensational sunset up above.

It’s a sweet acoustic pop tune about relationships, with an animated video created by the multi-talented West Australian singer Ornella.” – Boy On A Hill

You feel so warm and captivated by this lovely single from the rather talented and genuine mountain-conquering outfit, who seem to have the genuine kindness and that rare much-need motivation needed, to tell us relevant stories in such an enchanting way. The gushing vocals and effortlessly penned vocals are mixed wisely with a true sound for the ages – that makes everything okay again – despite how things may have started in your day.

Superglue‘ from the terrifically self-aware Perth, Australia-based indie-folk/pop duo Boy On A Hill, thoughtfully wipes away the self-doubt and shows us all how its done, if you truly want to spend quality time with that sweet soul. We are transported into a superbly-made animated video that captures the moment perfectly, and has your happy feet tapping like they should again.

See this wonderfully-made video on YouTube and follow their movements on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Miss You Now: Perth’s Boy On A Hill impress on organic heartfelt love story with ‘Pretty Thing’

Bringing us a wholesome song all about those sweet intentions, Boy On A Hill only give us romantic energy with lots of spine-tingling harmonica to heal our broken dreams on ‘Pretty Thing‘.

Perth, Western Australia-based indie-folk/pop duo Boy On A Hill, fuse that magnetically alluring music that grabs you by the heart and quickens your breath to a state of intoxicating levels of enjoyment.

This is their story about missing that special soul who you truly care about and want to be with so badly. You feel your stomach knot up, as you think about all the memories that you cherish forever, and only hope that more can be made.

You hear the uncontaminated waterfall of captivating sounds in the mind, as you imagine holding their hand in yours. Your skipping hearts beating so fast as you run in the fields full of flowers, as the world slows down and everything you have dreamed of, falls into place right then and there.

Pretty Thing‘ from Perth’s indie-folk gem in the barn legends Boy On A Hill, affectionately sooth our worries away gushingly, on a superb track with so much care and tenderness, you might need a long hug after listening here. Their pure authenticity is a joy to behold and the mellow energy washes all those silly concerns away for good.

Hear this terrifically crafted single on Spotify and see their adventures down under on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen