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You Can Overcome: Preston Garland reminisces out the dark time when he was alone and ‘Tumbling Down The Hill’

Taken from his quality eleven-track album called ‘Late Start‘, Preston Garland makes up for lost time with a special effort which leaves your mind ‘Tumbling Down The Hill‘.

Soulful alt-rock/pop singer-songwriter, photographer and skilled multi-instrumentalist Preston Garland is a well-traveled Georgia-born, Nashville, Chicago, and now Los Angeles-based underground musician.

After courageously battling his inner demons that almost broke him in half, he found true love with his supportive partner and has a family of fluffy animals, to keep him feeling content with life.

As he got older, his songs got better, but his depression got worse. Years went on, and his debut album seemed farther and farther away as he continued to battle with mental illness. After years of therapy and professional help, he finally put all he had into recording his debut album Late Start at the not-so-young age of 38.” ~ Preston Garland

After spending so much time over-thinking and looking so deeply inside the rabbit hole, he fell in for a while and it was rather rough to say the least. It feels like this terrific track is what he truly needed to break the self imposed shackles, to leave it all behind forever, and to move on happily with his life.

The vocal talent is such a pleasure to witness, the heartily-penned lyrics catches your attention, as there is so much to like in all aspects. He performs with a style that has your head nodding, your mind stimulated by this true picture presented, and he is a wonderfully relevant man. He is a brave warrior who has overcome so much to now be free from the ropes which tied his confidence up, and hid him away inside for too long.

Tumbling Down The Hill‘ from the totally honest and inspiring Los Angeles-based photographer and artist Preston Garland, brings forth all the lessons he has learnt over the years. His life is the ultimate underdog story, a man who could of fallen into the quicksand forever, but stood up like a true hero for all the other anxious souls, and climbed over the doubts to claim his happiness.

Preston Garland has wanted to put out his music since he was very young and this is the moment to let his pent-up expression fly free into the world. Its never too late to follow your dreams.

Hear this new single on his Soundcloud and see more progress in his life and career via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen