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Predicted Platinum Deluxe

Worldwide Music Group releases the hit compilation ‘Predicted Platinum Deluxe’ EP

Predicted Platinum Deluxe‘ is a 6-track great journey that has a bouncy-life flow that is always welcome in the year 2020.

Spearheaded by both The DJ Grid of Amada Records aka CEO, Eric Jones, and COO of Amada Records, Tiffany Gaines, who is also the owner and founder for the independent conglomerate, SS Global Entertainment; the ‘Predicted Platinum Deluxe‘ is a brand new compilation that champions the voices of an independently chosen elite few who were selectively handpicked to stand out from the rest.

Brought to you by various artists including Cee Cee Simone, Jayarson, Jakk Jo, Macck, BigBankBandz, Deadman Rashaun, DJ Live Wirez and Brisk, the album has already reached number one in the iTunes hip hop chart and number 6 in the country’s overall US iTunes chart.

This huge success is indicative of the talent and passion the project is composed of. “To give independent artists, writers and producers a platform from which they can shine and reach their true potential right alongside the many known acts of today”. This is the aim and this goal has been achieved tremendously. This shows how many of us miss these type of releases. Singles can get lots sometimes but an album like this is actually genuine and the success shows this.

The Hip Hop/R&B style with a lot of elegant soul is a marvel to hear and this has made this release so spectacular for our hearts. ‘Predicted Platinum Deluxe‘ is such a fine EP that I listen to this over an over again. Its the type of music to download and share with friends, to be played at the BBQ- its that good.

The standout tracks are all of them. The standard is so high and there are no passengers here. ‘Predicted Platinum Deluxe‘ is a look into the future where we listen to good music again and its shown in the charts.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen