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Want You To Lose: PreacherMan drops heavenly new track Stay Saved (feat. The Fro)

After learning his craft on the car show and underground nightclub floors, PreacherMan shows us the church influence as he flies high on the outstanding new single Stay Saved (feat. The Fro).

PreacherMan aka Martin Powell is an elevated Christian/Gospel artist who preaches the word of God to the world and includes anyone who is willing to open their mind to his eloquent words.

Lighting up the self-enlightenment for us, this is a single all about rather wanting to head to heaven than be paid out of blood money. PreacherMan has our hearts listening up with full attention on this gem. There is so much to be guided by here, from a wise soul who has left the small-minded behind for good.

Stay Saved (feat. The Fro) from the Memphis-based Christian/Gospel artist PreacherMan is a rather impressive soundtrack to play on repeat. Soaked in so much class and with tons of lyrical flow reserved for the best, this is the kind of track to play when we need to remember what is most important.

In a world filled with so many tempting corners, we find an answer to so many questions.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen