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I’m Bodiless: Darrian Gerard has been missing for weeks on Powerless

As she wanders through her soulless town and sees nobody to truly connect with, Darrian Gerard drifts rather extraordinarily on a stunning single to hold on to when all seems lost with, Powerless.

Darrian Gerard is a Canadian pop-rock singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and music producer who makes those stadium sounding classics to dance with all evening.

Hailing from a small town in British Columbia, Canada, she learned how to play guitar at 7 years old then quickly picked up bass, piano, drums, and vocals.” ~ Darrian Gerard

With her much-awaited debut EP Basement Stadium on the way in 2023, Darrian Gerard sings with so much passion and shall relate to so many who are so lonely right now. With pure vocals and so much to be intrigued inside, this is a rather eye-opening effort from a graceful spirit.

Powerless from Canadian pop-rock singer-songwriter and music producer Darrian Gerard is a fine song which shall make many stop in their tracks instantly. Thriving with honesty and baked into a lyrically aware soundtrack, we find an artist who needs to find a new home like many of us in this suffocating world.

When you feel you’re inside a grumpy town, you need to break free from its best to listen to your intuition.

Hear this new track on YouTube and see more via her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Never defeated: Inspiring Las Vegas singer-songwriter Jason Rylan refuses to feel ‘Powerless’

With an ever-increasing heartfelt determination flowing rapidly from his veins, Jason Rylan, returns gloriously to give us an empowering message about never giving up no matter what obstacles block your path on ‘Powerless‘.

Multi-genre fused EDM, electronica, dance, and pop artist, California-born, Las Vegas-based indie solo singer-songwriter Jason Rylan, formulates that inner-self motivating music that has been inspired by his loving parents, who taught him what life was all about, while also sharing the wonderful gift of creating sounds with him as they were musicians themselves.

This is the story of feeling down but never out, as you strategically work out how to get out of whatever predicament you are in, so you can flourish instead with positive thinking. He sings with such rare presence, his many years of performing live and recording a vast array of music is highly prevalent, his experience shines through as much as his inner passion.

“Music is spiritual, it flows through us, moves us, and it heals us. It sparks us to ignite positive change within.”- Jason Rylan

Powerless‘ from Vegas musician Jason Rylan, is a wondrous display from an artist who instead of feeling sorry for himself due to all his upcoming tours and shows been shelved, has instead chosen to lift up like a majestic eagle and shows us that you can still do what you love. Life is what you make of it and here is a prime example for us to be inspired by.

Click here for the Spotify link and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen