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The Escape: Oska Zaky looks for that new start on ‘Power in Me’ (feat. Taliesin and Samuel Hunter)

After gigging extensively all over the world including the UK (Glastonbury Festival), USA, Spain, Portugal, Ghana, China and Egypt, Oska Zaky has taken the last year to really focus on making quality music from home and returns with his stunning eleventh single called ‘Power in Me(feat. Taliesin and Samuel Hunter).

Oska Zaky is a creative South West, England-based singer-songwriter, DJ, and music producer with Arabic and Irish Lineage. He forms that cinematic style of art that is different to the rest, as its made with a real authentic vibes and full of unrivaled vest.

I am, In plainer words, a bundle of prejudices— made up of likings and dislikings.” – Oska Zaky

This is a wondrous effort from a truly classy artist, who has brought together a quality team that transforms your mind into another space entirely. Each second feels so special and clear, like a massive headache that has passed after you felt so misty and unhappy for so long.

Featuring Taliesin, who is a well-respected singer-songwriter from London, who’s played at Glastonbury, Envision and Wilderness festivals, plus Samuel Hunter, who is the identical twin to Taliesin – an exciting electronic and pop producer – this is a classy effort and a terrific song that has your heart beating in unison, to the incomparable beauty intertwined inside.

The song came together as naturally as it sounds. 3 friends in a studio for 3 days connecting to the landscapes and ancient power of Glastonbury with an intention to create a track that empowers people. The song contains no midi forcing the use of natural sounds and musicianship. It explores the idea of becoming hooked on the digital realm and how it can cause us to lose our connection with the planet. With an ending resolving to the words “power in me”, listeners are left with a flare of strength and stability.” – Oska Zaky

Power in Me(feat. Taliesin and Samuel Hunter) from the UK-based multi-talented music producer, DJ and singer Oska Zaky, is a movie-like soundtrack all about looking forward to a new day, as you have been locked up in your daydreams for too long. The world changed and you missed being outside so much – the fresh air and the buzz of meeting old and new friends – as you look forward to when you can fully express yourself again.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen