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Post Sex Nachos

Post Sex Nachos have released their explosively amorous Indie Rock Anthem Holdin’ Onto You

Columbia-based fourpiece, Post Sex Nachos, have been hit as hard as any emerging artist in 2020, but after hearing the effervescent energy in their latest high-octane Indie Rock anthem, Holdin’ Onto You, you’d struggle to believe it.

Right from the intro, the stadium-filling tone is set while Post Sex Nachos give the likes of Johnny Marr and Arcade Fire a run for their money. The relatable romantic lyrics hammer home a sentiment which we’ve all undoubtedly clung to in preceding months. There’s a euphoric emphasis of the importance of holding onto the person in our lives that see us more vividly than anyone else. If you don’t have the words to tell your favourite person just how much you love them, Post Sex Nachos definitely do.

You can check out Holdin’ Onto You for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast