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Spotlight Feature Pulsative post-punk meets trip-hop in Dissolved Girl’s 3rd spectrally filmic release, I’m a Beast

From their debut, we knew London’s ‘Trip-Rock visionaries, Dissolved Girl, possessed a locked and loaded arsenal of potential. Their third single, I’m a Beast, is definitive proof of their ability to eclipse the airwaves with their lustrous presence which is a phenomenon in its own right.

I’m a Beast explores the emotional wreckage left by sociopaths and narcissists, creating a darkly cinematic atmosphere through dissonant rhythms and ethereal vocals that paint power into vulnerability.

The blend of trip-hop, post-punk, and indietronica ensures the cold, monochromatic aura seeps into the listener’s psyche, with hooks that pierce deeply and crescendos that provide a cathartic release. Dissolved Girl’s latest single transcends mere alt-90s homage; their intricate instrumentation, driving post-punk basslines, and vocals reminiscent of Shirley Manson establish them as masters of refined, dark soundscapes.

Before forming Dissolved Girl, Nick (guitar, songwriter) and Claire Edbrooke (vocals, songwriter, producer) were involved in various musical ventures, always with the goal of succeeding with original music. Their collaboration led to the creation of a unique sound, bolstered by the addition of Arthur Keys (bass) and Dom Chandler (drums).

Despite their recent formation, Dissolved Girl has already garnered significant radio play on stations such as Amazing Rock & Metal, MM Radio, Radio Wigwam, WDNF-Philly, SLE Radio, Prospect Radio, and Krac Radio. Their fanbase is steadily growing as they prepare for the release of their debut LP later this year.

Dissolved Girl Said

“This song touches on a few concepts, but in its original form, it was about people with personality disorders. They wreak havoc in others’ lives and simply move on to the next victim without remorse or feeling. There is a certain irony that the person inflicting the damage finds moving on so easy, and yet the person affected by their behaviour is left reeling, wounded, and confused about how or why this has happened. It is about feeling resilient as a victim in the face of all that and coming back stronger.”

After being mixed by Dani Castelar – who has three number 1 albums with Paulo Nutini – and mastered by Matt Colton, I’m a Beast was officially released on June 14; stream it on all major platforms, including Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast