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Audri delivers mystic poetry in her theatrical pop single, Fortune Teller.

If you’ve ever looked to the occult with desperation to find something promising, next time, you might want to check out Audri’s latest dark pop single, Fortune Seller, instead.

With soulful vocals that find themselves between the Cranberries, Bjork and Kate Bush, the dark, spacey electronic release is arresting from the first note until the last.

Audri may be fresh from inception, but she’s already racking up more than 100k streams with her decadently demure vocal timbre, which is perfectly complemented by artfully atmospheric guitars, ominous droning synths and fierce percussion that almost brings a tribal element tracks such as Fortune Teller. All things considered, Fortune Teller is an alchemic cocktail of finesse and style. We can’t wait to hear more.

Check out Audri on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Vardy and the Wilhelm Screamers take us to their Final Disco

If opening stages for The Arctic Monkeys, Bloc Party, The Cribs, and Hot Chip, isn’t pedigree enough then I’m not sure what is, and that live-playing, song-writing craft-honing experience is certainly standing singing drummer Vardy in good stead here when it comes to ‘Final Disco’.

Here joined by bassist Sam Hubbins, ‘Final Disco’ is a glorious, bouncing, joyful mix of post-punk indie and alt-rock in the style of Royal Blood, Biffy Clyro, or Mallory Knox, an energetic, gleeful celebration of a final night of partying before growing up and slowing down, a passion for dancing, drinking, sunny beaches, and hallucinogenic rock n roll.

The beautifully overdriven guitar riffs and surges, the bassline funks and wanders, and the drums push the whole track along in an upbeat, dancing-party mood, Vardy’s vocal delivery easy and fun and the lyrics humorous and insightful.

‘Final Disco’ is a sublime, brilliant indie-pop tune, catchy as hell with a narrative that will be instantly familiar and sympathetic to everyone who’s ever felt they need to grow up without growing old.

Check out ‘Final Disco’ on YouTube, and follow Vardy and the Screamers on Facebook or Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes