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That’s Why I Gave You A Key To The Lock: The First To Fight ends up in the maze with Almost A Win

Released from their hugely enjoyable 13-track album The Saddest Champion, The First To Fight drop a Kings of Leon-like gem to admire for its raw texture and unpretentious lyrics with Almost A Win.

The First To Fight is a Salem, South Carolina-hailing Greenville-based indie alternative post-emo band who have matured like fine wine and are on a mission to represent their city.

The earliest iteration of The First To Fight was like a pipe bomb; an explosion of attitude dressed as a down and dirty vendetta wrapped in two minutes of shouting and slipshod guitar work.” ~ The First To Fight

Streaming into our lives with something rather consequential, The First To Fight have strengthened our rattled armour and brings the world a tremendously important song that digs deeper into being stuck inside someone else’s box.

Disappearing into our minds like that backroom that has many belongings, we are treated to a quality single with a real message to learn from.

Almost A Win from the electrifying Greenville-based indie post-emo band The First To Fight is a rather phenomenal soundtrack to the distant daze of not wanting to waste any moment. Sung with a pulsating edge and flowing with terrific power and roaring forces within, this is a monumental release made for current times.

Listen up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Softest Sound explore cyclical torment in their slowcore anti-folk single over again

The Dayton, Ohio duo, The Softest Sound, unveiled their debut album, an idea can’t just go away, on August 26th and simultaneously introduced the airwaves to a brand-new manifestation of slowcore anti-folk experimentalism.

The standout single, over again, delivers vocals which find a timbre between AJJ and Jack Johnson, while the instrumental arrangement mashes up the melodiously soft guitars in the desert-y atmospherics with discordant electronic effect as an all too efficacious exposition on the turbulent ennui of cyclical torment and having an intangible relationship with identity.

It’s a spacey resonant-soaked release for anyone that has ever felt at odds with their own mind. Given that we’re in 2022, that demographic should make up the majority.

over again is now available to stream on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Less Miserable – The Dentist: Meet the Icons of Self-Depreciating Post-Emo Pop-Punk

43 Chinook by Less Miserable

Post-emo pop-punk outfit, Less Miserable took expression to the next level in their 2022 standout single, The Dentist. The visceral track explores the intricacies of depression by making a series of proclamations that everyone who has ever felt inadequacy loom along with the bark of the black dog will relate to.

With killer lines “the sun on my face feels like a cheap insult that I can’t ignore” and the chorus hook “If you want me to see a dentist, you’ll have to kick me in the teeth, I can’t ask for help unless it is an emergency” to a backdrop of progressively off-kilter post-hardcore rancour, The Dentist will break your heart through resonance. Before mending it through the affirmation that you’re not alone in the insecurities you feel in loving relationships and the tendency to neglect self-care when you don’t see yourself as something worth investing in

Without a hint of hyperbole, I’ve just found a new favourite artist in the Alberta-based outfit who specialises in self-deprecating anthems made to drink cheap beer to and shout along to in sweaty basements. It’s almost enough to make me buy a plane ticket to Calgary to party with the candour-gifted lyrical visionaries.

The Dentist is now available to stream and purchase via Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast