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Feeling Lost: Welsh artist Jake Weller wonders who actually cares on Quiet Town

Taken off his popular 12-track album from 2021 called Wasting Time, Jake Weller opens up the door and shows us those mental health scars which took many years to vanquish on the excellent Quiet Town.

Jake Weller is a Porthcawl, South Wales-based indie alt-pop/rock singer-songwriter who has dynamic vocals and makes music that actually matters.

He hopes that by being vocal about his experiences, he can provide comfort to his listeners who may be going through the same things.” ~ Jake Weller

Feeling lost and so frustrated with a sleepy town that feels somehow so distant, Jake Weller performs with so much impressive passion and intense focus. Gosh, this is a magnificent song. Turn it up on full, will you? Your heart will thank you.

Quiet Town from Porthcawl, South Wales-based alt-pop/rock singer-songwriter Jake Weller, is a brilliant sizzler which shall open the eyes of many. With an atmosphere that is truly mesmerizing, this is an outstanding track which belongs in all of our playlists.

Don’t forget to smile at someone who looks lonely next time. You could change everything.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen