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Numb up with Poppa King Oats’s trap hit, Painkiller

Driven by the inspiration of Jay Z and LL Cool J, the Massachusetts-born and raised trap artist Poppa King Oats started rapping at 15. By the time his latest single, Painkiller, arrived, he was primed to unveil a killer of an atmospheric rap track that encompasses the human proclivity to numb the pain.

The minimalistic yet efficaciously melodic beats create a solid platform for his rap bars that carry an old-school sense of conviction. Nothing about Painkiller feels inhibited. Not the lyrics that get to the crux of the issue. Not the energy of the rap style. And certainly not the authenticity demonstrated that will see the up-and-coming artist go far in the trap scene.

Painkiller is now available to stream on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

So Strong: Massachusetts-based rapper Poppa King Oats urges us to join Together

After showing us his hustling Biggie Smalls mentality on his previous release from May 2022 called Throne, Poppa King Oats knows he just needs that one hit song so that he can live like Nas on Together.

Poppa King Oats aka Carlos Carela is a Massachusetts-based indie trap solo artist and is known for his catchy songs that will get the heart pumping.

With a huge smile, a positive mindset, and expertise in droves, Poppa King Oats returns to our consciousness with a terrific single that sets him apart from others in this oft-selfish game. Showing us he is ready for anything as he knows that talent isn’t an issue, as we are reminded of his smooth style that will make many nod their heads all night.

Together from Massachusetts-based indie trap artist Poppa King Oats is a faith-filled soundtrack to those who believe that without God, they don’t feel great at all. Rapped with his signature charm and skilled lyrical projection, this is a fine single from an artist who knows what is most important in life.

Oozing with underground quality and a message for all those who have perhaps forgotten to pray for a while, this is a song that leads the way to that guiding light.

See this new music video on YouTube and find out more on his Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Massachusetts Trap artist Poppa King Oats feels like he is Biggie right now on, ‘Throne’

After finding his Beyonce on ‘Fasho‘ from July 2021, Poppa King Oats feels like he’s in the zone right now with his latest track to shake your ears alive as he locates that comfy ‘Throne‘.

Carlos Carela aka Poppa King Oats is a Massachusetts-based indie Trap artist who makes a catchy blend of street-filled music to nod your head with.

With a fun personality and showing us his skill set behind the mic, Poppa King Oats displays his high-flying rap attack and leaves no doubt that he’s in that immortal mindset that can take you to places that were presumed inconceivable before.

Throne‘ from Massachusetts-based indie Trap artist Poppa King Oats is a track that shows us a highly confident rapper who senses that he is ready for the next step. With a punchy beat and lots of catchy lyrics to swim deeply into – plus an assortment of strip club references to throw your money at – this is a song to turn up loud when you have had a few cold ones with your mates and feel like a late night.

Rapped with a clean tone and packed with conviction, Poppa King Oats shows us that he is certainly ready for the big leagues.

Listen up to this new audio on YouTube and check out the IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Me And You: Poppa King Oats is feeling so good as he finds his Beyonce on ‘Fasho’

Swirling with vivid raps that shows his growing intent to reach those dizzy heights that he ultimately desires, Poppa King Oats knows he has his hands full to keep her happy but relishes the challenge on ‘Fasho‘.

Carlos Carela aka Poppa King Oats is an indie trap artist and massive cereal fan. He makes that sing-with-the-moment type of music experience, that has you opening up his book and reading the story with intrigue.

His vocals are strewn with so much confidence and he know where he needs to head to – each note is performed with that extra edge – which shows you he is headed into the correct direction to the promised land. The beat keeps you interested as its mellow vibe is quite familiar and you feel that this is a fun summer track to enjoy heartily.

Fasho‘ from the determined trap artist Poppa King Oats, is a story all about doing that grind that you know you should do, as you reach for those goals that you wish to snatch up gleefully. You see where you need to go and wish that she wouldn’t empty your bank account as often, but you know that you want her to look and feel fantastic. This is a brightly performed track that shows much potential and will stay in your mind for hours, due to the catchy beat.

Hear this audio on YouTube and see more on the FB music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen