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Pop My Shit Freestyle

Only Headed Up: Texas rapper JToni rips the mic on impressive ‘Pop My Shit Freestyle’ (feat. Lul Roddo)

After enduring lots of ups and downs in life, JToni sparks up the vibe to forget the past with his latest track that flows into your mind with a blast on ‘Pop My Shit Freestyle(feat. Lul Roddo).

New Orleans, Louisiana native Justin Fiallos aka JToni, is a thriving Texas-based Public Relations graduate of the University of North Texas and top notch hip-hop artist, who makes that real bite music that take a chomp out of your hungry speakers.

He aims for the top and realizes that so many out there only want to hate, as when they see you doing well they get super jealous of your success. Love is hard to find and when you do, its a smart plan to hold onto and nurture it.

With a determined flow that has you supremely impressed, the time to stay up top is here and never going back to those broke days, is of course the aim. You feel your head bouncing up and down like a trampoline, his style is likable and everything is effortless and legit.

Taken off his latest tremendous ten-track album called ‘Only Way Is Up‘, ‘Pop My Shit Freestyle’ (feat. Lul Roddo) from Austin, Texas-based JToni, is the street-hop buzz cut that slices through your hair to give you a fresh fade, that is such a top listen and one of the most exciting hip-hop releases so far of 2021.

Stream this new single on Spotify and check out the IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen