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Tischa Kent – Faking: Cher Has Never Had Competition… Until Now

Oh God damn. There is no preparing you for the weight behind Tischa Kent’s vocal power in her latest track Faking. The lack of a prelude was a risky move, yet it irrefutably paid off. You’re left bruised by the pensive poignancy of the lyrics before the first verse even runs through. The stripped back EDM Pop beats set the perfect platform for the Canterbury, UK-based up and coming artist to lay down her heavy, yet soaring vocals. Yet, when the beat drops, it drops and bleeds synth reverb over Tischa Kent’s resounding harmonies. With a vocal style which sits in between London Grammar’s Hannah Reid and Cher it really is staggering that she’s still an unsigned artist. Someone give the girl a record deal.

You can be bowled over by Tischa Kent’s latest single Faking yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast