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A&R Factory Present: Low Country Kingdom

Think Outkast meets Chromeo meets porn in space. They’ve been featured on A&E Networks, KickKickSnare,, and Satan’s Top 50 Tracks For Roadtrippin’ With Your Buds.

Scott [rap, lead guitar] met Adam [keytar, producer] at the University of Pennsylvania when he kicked him out of a frat party — but that’s water under the bridge. Some time later in San Francisco, they wrote and recorded their debut album (Big Like China), which ranges widely from heavy beat-driven rap anthems [Manifest Destiny] to soulful pop hits [Mmm Mmm Mmm, Another Ordinary Day] to Kanye-esque industrial orchestral instrumentals, and everything in between.

Meanwhile, Suz [co-lead vocals] was studying music at S.F. State when she stumbled upon an intriguing craigslist ad for a “hypersexual electrosoul vocalist with a heart of gold” and submitted some vocal samples. A month later, LCK became a trio.

Meanwhile, Lang [co-lead vocals] was singing classics aboard a Carnival cruise line in the South Pacific. Eventually he ported near San Francisco, and, as chance would have it, LCK was playing a gig at Amnesia SF. Adam and Lang were old high school buddies, so Adam invited him on stage with LCK as a guest vocalist for a few tunes. He set the storied venue aflame with magnificent vocal arpeggios, and quit his job the next day.

Now a quartet, the squad rages on, writing, recording, and producing music and video content from their house in Hancock Park, Los Angeles, California (yes, they all live together, eat together, cook together, make love together). Don’t miss what this eccentric team puts out next…

A&R Factory Present: Von Sell

NYC-based electropop artist, Von Sell is the son of Israeli singer Esther Ofarim and German filmmaker Philipp von Sell. Though born in New York City, he moved to Hamburg, Germany at the age of 2, where he was raised.

He began making bedroom pop at the age of 18. After high school he did stints at the British Academy of New Music and Humboldt University in Berlin before finally moving stateside to Boston to study music at Berklee College of Music, majoring in “Contemporary Writing and Production” and studying the piano. From there, he made the musician’s pilgrimage to Brooklyn in 2012.

In 2014 he decided to write a batch of new songs containing a decidedly different sound and style from his previous work, culminating in an EP to be released later this year. His first single, “Ivan”, came out in February of 2015 and has reached over 100k plays on both Soundcloud and Spotify. His second single “I insist” came out in April of 2016, has reached the #1 spot on hype machine twice, over 250k plays on spotify and over 300k on Spotify.

In ‘Names’ Von Sell’s sound comes full circle combining the melancholy and the soulfulness of ‘I Insist’, as well as the the pop sensibility and energy of ‘Ivan’.

A&R Factory Present: Ayelle

Ayelle is a London based singer/songwriter of Swedish & Iranian origin who has been putting songs on paper ever since she first learned how to write at the age of 6.  She draws inspiration from her own life experiences as well as those around her, often incorporating feminist elements in her lyrics which challenge the status quo and make people think twice.

Growing up in Sweden and Spain she was exposed to a range of different influences, but while living in London she has developed a taste for a distinctive sound that can be recognized as RnB with electronic influences inspired by artists such as Banks and Kelela.

Ayelle released her Debut E.P. “What You Made” in late November 2014 consisting of three intimate songs with atmospheric, down-tempo beats produced by Nova Hall and The HeavyTrackerz.

Her latest EP ‘Machine’ takes things a step further; Ayelle describes it as an exploration of the intersections between electro-pop and r&b.

A lot of it is about tackling, or simply acknowledging, insecurities and struggling with internalised misogyny. ‘Machine’ works as a metaphor for those internalised behaviours and the unconscious state that we’re in when we let them go unnoticed” she elaborates.

“Back Again is a song for anyone who’s ever dated an emotionally unavailable man who only really wants you once you don’t want him back anymore.”


A&R Factory Present: My Empire Of Sound

My Empire Of Sound are Sidsel Marie Søholm on vocals and John Alexander Ericson on instruments/production. The two met in a bar in Berlin two years ago, “Sidsel was one of the performers that night and her voice blew me away” says John Alexander.

“We started chatting and decided, on the spot, to start a band together” Scandinavian Summer is published by Misty Music Sweden (

A&R Factory Present: SKEPP

SKEPP is the solo project of Elin Lindfors (The Deer Tracks & Twiggy Frostbite).

Vall is the first song from SKEPP. The Song was written an early morning in the Swedish city Sundsvall while waiting for a delayed train.

This song is written by Elin Lindfors and recorded and produced by Andreas Stellan & Elin Lindfors. Mixed and mastered by Andreas Stellan from Parasite Child.

A&R Factory Present: Keaton Vegades

Keaton Vegades is 20 years old with dreams big dreams.

He started playing guitar around 8 years old and continued to pursue music. He has been in and out of bands ever since middle school. Currently a Music Production major at Ohio University he has intentions on moving to Los Angeles.