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‘Beliefs’ from Men Without Qualities

With a thunderously vigorous Punk-Rock kind of opening, this is straight away a listen that needs to be respected. This is a band that have morphed their qualities together, and the many years of experience shows. With a different style that is like no other, they have built up a team that share their common view on life. Released off Record Label The Cortina Collective, Sweden’s Heavy-Rock outfit Men Without Qualities mesh their music to satisfying levels for our enthusiastic ears on their new single called ‘Beliefs‘.

”Men and women without qualities usually depend fully on the outer world to form their characters. Lack of any profound essence and ambiguity as a general attitude to life are their principal characteristics.” – Men Without Qualities

The sound is something mixed from the past and the future, the vocals are so real and digs deep into your core beliefs. The fascinating story delves into our inner psyche, and is a riveting listen that will have you staring at the sky and wondering how to improve yourself, and be better. The vocals are raw and the band take us on an exciting ride into the unknown. This makes your heart beat a bit faster, and is a bit scary at the same time.

Beliefs‘ from the intrinsically intriguing Men Without Qualities¬†is a song that might take a few listens to truly appreciate. This is the whole point of the release I believe, the band are beyond any type of fad or popular style. They make music that is meaningful, and this is a quality that more young musicians need to add to their armor. Making your own lane and driving through it, is the way music evolves, and inspires others.

Hear this fascinating listen on their Spotify and find out more on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen