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Independent RnB artist PLAZA is set to go viral again with his achingly seductive single, Still Alive.

Many RnB artists get the adjective ‘smooth’ affixed to their releases; the luminary artist PLAZA transcended smooth with his achingly blunt single, Still Alive, which resounds with the same fiery defiance that finds you when you’ve found your first shred of resilience after losing it all.

The Toronto-based RnB singer-songwriter succeeded in both capturing the tumultuous nature of the storms that can drown us in our own minds and creating a viscerally seductive release that won’t fail to evoke the same amount of passion.

PLAZA’s most popular release so far, All Mine, has garnered over 19 million streams on Spotify alone; Still Alive is well on its way to the same heights of notoriety.

Still Alive is available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast