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PKWY’s ‘Thru The Daze’ is perfect blend of neo-R&B and modern rap

In some cases, it is so easy to listen to a song and feel immediately rapt by the vocals and the arrangements. This is exactly one of those situations. PKWY set out to create a rather groundbreaking tracks with “Thru The Daze”. This song has got some amazing melodies that cut through the mix. The 808-style beats are influenced by trap music, yet the production is a bit more original than your cookie-cutter drum beat: the sound is detailed and more interesting, with various layers of melodies adding something great to the music. The vocal melodies are as edgy as the rap verses, which add so much energy and vibe to this track.

This song is a perfect blend of neo-R&B and modern rap, bridging the gaps between these styles by including the best elements from both worlds into this edgy and memorable song that packs a lot of energy.