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Cartoon music group Pios Phantom guides us from sadness to gladness on ‘Is It Si or Is It No’

Fusing in a magnetic blend of brit-pop, pop-punk, power pop, classic rock, country, folk and EDM, Pios Phantom shows us that peace and love is the only thing that we need to be chasing with their fun new single, ‘Is It Si or Is It No‘.

Balarama Clemens Plaum aka Pios Phantom is the founder of this catchy cartoon music group. A Yoga teacher who comes from a small village in Germany, he leads this peaceful group to make that stunning rock opera you can’t help but forget.

My project is a global one. The name pios Phantom comes from rotating the letters OM (love) shanti (peace) pop.” ~ Pios Phantom

Moving us gently away from any negative waters that can sink our mood down into those sad rocks of doom, Pios Phantom are a band that needs to be played loud and proud. They are all about love and flying high like an inspiring dove Рto show us where to go Рand to stay positive throughout and avoid the carnage that can scrape your skin and cause your shine to burn away in the night.

Is It Si or Is It No‘ from the German-born cartoon music group Pios Phantom, sends us into a better world that has us smiling from ear to ear. This is a track that will have you feeling that everything is going to be okay again, with some soulful vocals and a beat so likeable, that your whole family will be begging you to turn up the volume. Filled with only happy intentions to spread some of that much-needed tenderness, this is a spectacular single to shake off any of those grumpy cobwebs you had previously.

Listen up to this joyful new single on Spotify and see more news via IG.

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