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I Won’t Change For You: Josh Dooz swims smartly away from the undesirable rocks on ‘Pink Coral’ (feat. Danni G)

With a positive attitude that has you smiling gleefully as others get stuck in their smoggy blinkers, Josh Dooz looks at things the right way as she slows down the rapid pace on ‘Pink Coral (feat. Danni G).

Josh Dooz is a motivated swimming fan and indie soul/pop singer-songwriter, who makes that groovy vibe that has you feeling so fresh and alive with ideas.

This is the heartfelt message of going against the popular flow no matter what the fake lifeguards say, as you duck under the undesirable waves and find your own way to the shore using your own intuition. You may get stung sometimes underwater when you least expect it — but staying patient with your head up and looking for that best way out — is the only way to be truly happy and away from the pollution of the streets.

They vocals seems to match so harmoniously and the mellow beat has you feeling warm inside like a new blanket that just feels so right with you cuddling real close. The chilled beat rinses away the sticky salt from your tired body and has you in a mood to discover — and do things you know are the right steps to climb up that ladder of life — into a loft that is best for you.

Pink Coral(feat. Danni G) from the soulful Josh Dooz, shows us into a world that soaks our curious imagination, as we are caressed into a song that tells you to express yourself, and to never live life to please anyone else. The day you win is when you stop that rat race — and do things that make you happy — as you know yourself well by now, and don’t worry about the small things.

Stream this smoothly salted single on YouTube and check out the IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen