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Pills and Dust

Sacrifice in Cultra fight through the desert with story of ”Pills and Dust”

Pills and Dust” from Sacrifice in Cultra is the earth-shattering rock-electro sound that defies what I have heard before. This is a song with meaning and so is their movement.

Founded in 2018, Sacrifice in Cultra is not just a fashion brand, it is an artist network geared towards change and will continue to push the boundaries set in place without selling out.

Taken off recent full 12 track album ”Redacted”, this bouncy song has a mightily menacing beat that breaths fire onto our soul.

Pills and Dust” is about all those parties that start to blur after awhile and the journey to make sure that you can fully be in the moment. This is a phenomenal release that launches high above the cloud with the bass-filled steam train that build up the mountain and to our souls.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen