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Piece of Mind

Trevour Amunga wonders who will be there to turn to on ‘Piece of Mind’ (feat. Josh Berkely)

Taken off his inspirational 7-track album that has helped his soul heal from all the recent sadness, Trevour Amunga shows us inside his healing feelings that are taking time to process that devastating loss on ‘Piece of Mind’ (feat. Josh Berkely).

Trevour Amunga is a Los Angeles, California-based Hip hop artist who makes that desire-filled combination of spark-filled class that sends you into a new stratosphere altogether.

I lost my dad in November 2020, and working on this Ep was the only way I could cope. This is my reflection on my life, faith, grief and home.” ~ Trevour Amunga

After moving forward to a new mission that has him feeling like 2022 is going to be his year if he can find that new source of support, Trevour Amunga delights with a terrific new track that is baked in originality and cooking hot with a tender taste that will have you looking forward to the new possibilities which are ultimately endless.

Piece of Mind(feat. Josh Berkely) from Los Angeles, California-based Hip hop artist Trevour Amunga, shows us into a talented musician’s eyes that is now ready for the next step. He sends us into a mesmerizing tunnel that is shaking with promise after a cold period, which almost cost him his sense of humour forever. With a click-the-fingers mood of optimism, this is a seriously impressive single that is for anyone who needs to be inspired again.

Listen up to this new track on Spotify and check out the IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen