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Piece Of Gold

Isle of Wight ‘Bethan John’ sings with passion on ‘Piece Of Gold’

Singer-songwriter Bethan John is back with her stunning visuals for the single ‘Piece Of Gold‘.

Bethan John is establishing herself as an artist on the Isle of Wight with her co-writer and aspiring producer Damon Edward-Ellis. Together in 2020 they have released three singles, ‘Piece of Gold‘, ‘By the Fireplace‘ and their most recent ‘You and I‘.

Bethan is a busy lady and is in multiple music projects which is helping her with her career as a professional musician, including acoustic duos called Lunari, Bethan & Barnes and a 4 piece function band called Funk Soup. This variety actually helps I believe. Lots of different music, band members and experiences await for the young singer.

You love someone so much and don’t want them to leave. You have such strong feelings and you just know that this is the one. Their company feels like you are dripping with gold all over your body and you couldn’t imagine being with anyone else.

Piece Of Gold‘ from Bethan John¬†is sung with such passion and beauty. The notes hit all the right notes and I love the visuals. It’s simple, ego-free and displays all that this young singer is all about. Pureness and making quality music with meaning. This is a fine song that is sung so well.

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