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Phinyx – Pity Party

Does everyone remember the band that played in the seedy little bar, led by Julie Cruz, in Twin Peaks? It was a beautiful mix of 1950’s pop and synthesizer pads with light singing creating something magical. I can’t help but feel a similar nostalgia when it comes to Phinyx’s new track “Pity Party.”

The track starts with flanged guitar and simply heavy reverbed drums on beats 1 and 3. A lovely alto female singer begins sweetly crooning over the song and I’m loving the bedroom-style-production of the who endeavour. There are more than a few nods to the Leslie Gore classic “it’s my party” in the lyrics which seems to be a sweet homage.

I’d never heard of Phinyx, so I hoped over to the Facebook page. It seems as though this is a solo young artist who states “Phinyx is an artist who produces melancholic music. A self-proclaimed sad girl.” It’s a rather comprehensive page with videos, lots of stylish photos, and tons of news regarding the newly released “Bad Girls” EP (of which “Pity Party is track number 4).

I have to say I’m extremely taken with her as an artist – she appears quite young so I’ll be curious to hear what the next iteration of her creativity is.