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Our Eyes Meet: Nashville artist Ysa keeps it so fresh with the undercover ‘Phase For You’

As the cheerful heart beats in full view and her sensationally enticing voice is in full flight, Ysa knows that the fun is waiting if they want it like her on ‘Phase For You‘.

Ysa is an appealing solo alt-RnB/jazzy-soul indie singer-songwriter and producer based in Nashville, Tennessee, who cleverly fuses rock and hip-hop into her gleaming music dreamscape.

Using her trusty SP404sx sampler, and electric guitar, she grooves her own ”Rolling Stones and SZA smoothie” style, that is a catchy listen throughout, and makes you move your head around with a cheeky smile on your face.

Its so easy to fall head over heels with her lovely single here, as her captivating voice seems to have your heart in a cute twist that is so joyfully alluring. Each second is a pleasurable ride, as the roller coaster flips you up and takes you to a happy place that excites the deepest parts of your body.

Phase For You‘ from the splendidly honest Nashville, Tennessee indie solo RnB singer-songwriter Ysa, shows us a very talented woman who refuses to change for anybody. She sweeps us off our feet with a cheeky single, that is full of love and tells it how it is.

Lasting forever is coming soon — but just not right now — as the night is so young and definitely not ready for anything than fun times, that have no expectations or restricting barriers.

Hear this hot new single on Spotify and see her IG music page for more info.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen