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Pharaoh Santana treats his fans to a brand-new ambient indie trap experience with his EP, ‘PSP’.

LA-based hip hop artist Pharaoh Santana first appeared on our radar with his debut single, POP OUT, which hit the airwaves in 2018. With each new release, he has taught us to expect the unexpected. With his 2021 EP, PSP, he’s retained the soul and the wit found in his former releases and treated his fans to a brand-new sonic ambient indie trap experience.

PSP carries the hallmarks of a lo-fi hip hop record through the organic textures and intimacy offered through the minimal production. Yet, indie hip hop doesn’t come much smoother than the mesmerising tracks that are sure to lull you into a state of reflective serenity.

Track 1, Arvada Freestyle, featuring Cress Rilee, steps away from Western rhythms and serves as an intoxicating introduction to the 4-track release that keeps the grooves mellow and the beats cathartically arresting as Pharaoh Santana lays down the lyrical wisdom that he’s quickly becoming renowned for.

Track 2, Pretty Women, is a subversive ode to femininity and beauty where Pharaoh Santana holds his hands up to his vices, never being crass or misogynistic. Instead, he soulfully points out what a minefield dating can be in a hypersexual society, where sex can be used as a weapon, and people get left with scars.

Track 3, Zendaya, is the perfect summer chill hop track. As the smooth choral notes add to the ambience, Pharaoh Santana disrupts it with his strident lyrics that confront the type of person who always brings the drama instead of anything positive. Some people may pride themselves on the games they play, but Zendaya is enough to put anyone who takes pleasure in manipulation think twice.

Track 4, Tony Sparks, amps up the emotion from the former tracks and is undeniably the best introduction to the ingenuity contained in Santana’s almost haunting style on the EP. As the 90s-style RnB hip hop beats flow and glitch beneath his raw, honest vocals as he speaks of humility, you’ll get a sense that nothing was held back or added for prosaic effect. Instead, you’ll get to see how he can utilise tonal contrast to create a relatable and humanistic sense of conflict.

Pharaoh Santana’s EP, PSP, is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The future King: Pharaoh Santana returns with a poetic statement of intent on ‘Playboy’

Playboy‘ is the latest hit single outta the creative mind of Pharaoh Santana as he slowly climbs up the ladder of greatness and makes it known that he is deadly serious about achieving his goals.

Pharaoh Santana is an American rapper and actor from Westchester, Los Angeles who has his eyes set for the top. This is an emcee who raps with that extra edge and fire that makes him stand out from the rest.

After recently starting in Nuke City, he is fully focused on music for a while and his lyricism reflects a young man who is growing up real quick and who puts 100% realness into each bar he drops.

You can see the burning anger in his eyes from being let down by former friends, and also the confidence of someone that knows he is the chosen one. If he can keep out the tempting distractions and keep a calm head on his shoulders, there are no limits to what he can achieve.

Playboy‘ from emcee/actor Pharaoh Santana is a statement of intent as he brought a heavyweight team to assist in making a gem of a video that is up there with the best. His flow is so tight, you struggle to breathe sometimes and the determination is etched everywhere you can see.

This could the future of the rap game if he can use that fire inside the deepest part of his bones wisely and wants it enough.

Stream this excellent video on YouTube and get to know this top artist on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen