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Phantom Drive

Phantom Drive – Tough Guys Finish First

Describing their music as “break up music for tough guys, ” Phantom Drive are the perfect blend of alt-rock muscle and classic melodies, the traditions of rock music past and the potential of where it goes next.  Somewhere along the line as rock chased the commercial dollar rather than the creative urge, it seemed to have lost its way somewhat, lightened the load and lost its bite. Thankfully bands like Phantom Drive are putting it firmly back on the menu.

If the stadium filling, crowd pleasing rock of the 21st century has become the equivalent of a church picnic, all smiles and etiquette, best crockery and best behaviour, this Floridian musical gang are more akin to a back alley fist fight. The music oozes swagger and attitude, inherent menace and bristles with energy and whilst it is easy to see their sonic family tree passing back through any number of classic and alternative rock icons, such an approach never really goes out of fashion. After all there is nothing more exciting, than courting danger and this is indeed dangerous territory.