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Lost Foxes opened the mundanity trap in their installation of indie pop nostalgia, Petrichor

Lost Foxes elevated South Carolina’s indie scene with their poetically plaintive latest single, Petrichor. Hearing it, you’d be forgiven for thinking the past two decades have been erased by the echoes of the early 00s in the melodies that haven’t lost their ability to wrap a noose-like grip around the rhythmic pulses and pluck the heartstrings in time with the angular guitar notes.

The intimate lo-fi touches to the chamber string-accentuated release make it effortless to lock into the resonance that is strewn across the verses which reminisces on darkly mundane days as the instrumental effervescence lets the sun shine through the salvation of escapism.

The four-piece has come an illustriously long way since their early days of playing with loops on Logic Pro and singing about beans in 2020. Following the inspiration of Twenty One Pilots, AJR and COIN, they got to work on their debut album, Welcome to Kiff, which debuted in 2022 to tell the tale of three protagonists escaping totalitarianism. Petrichor is the latest chapter in the outfit’s legacy, and it is one you’re going to want to read time and time again.

Petrichor was officially released on September 29: Stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Norwegian producer Botolv blows down the house with spectacular ”Petrichor”

That smooth down tempo vibe while you are chilling out by the pool, sunglasses are on and you have good company right beside you. This is the summer beat of relaxing magnitude and you have a cold beverage in your hand of course.

Petrichor” is a distinctive, earthy, usually pleasant odor that is associated with rainfall especially when following a warm, dry period. It arises from a combination of volatile plant oils and geosmin released from the soil into the air and by ozone carried by downdrafts. This song sounds and smells very pleasant to me and I want to hear it louder and louder.

Norwegian producer Christian Nerheim Torkelsen aka Botolv is onto a winner here with his progressive and electronic house with a cinematic touch. He is from Bergen where the air is apparently so clear. With music like this his mind must be crystal clear too. ”Petrichor” is a fantastic down tempo song that skyrockets into the mountains with a gold medal wrapped around the vinyl. This is a terrific song that I thoroughly enjoyed and so will you.

Stream this new track via the Soundcloud page.

Review by Llewelyn Screen