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Don’t Let Me Drown: Peter Stone is ready to change his destructive ways with ‘Save Me’

With his debut EP that has just been dropped and is called ‘Unlabeled‘, Peter Stone shows us inside this personal invention with his first single from this new project that is all about hoping that someone kind is there to assist with the rescue on ‘Save Me‘.

Peter Stone is a determined 22-year-old Italy-based indie-pop singer-songwriter who performs with the liveliness of someone who has clearly lived and has seen the places where he doesn’t wish to visit ever again.

Peter’s music tends to be very personal and close to the artist and his feelings and “Save Me” in particular creates a dark ambience but not without shades of light in it.” ~ Peter Stone

Directing us deep inside his pain that threatened to throttle him into a tight chokehold he might not recover from, Peter Stone¬†looks inside the mirror and decides at this precise moment that he doesn’t like what he sees. After a period of in-depth reflection, you feel that he is rising up but needs that special lifeguard to help him with this journey of shaking off that evil shadow he wants no part of.

Save Me‘ from the emerging Italy-based indie-pop solo artist Peter Stone, is a highly expressive single from an honest artist who knows that he needs to move away from what has been damaging him before. He sings with such a vividly descriptive style that seems to wrap a web all over you at first, as you join him in getting away from these undesirable restrictions and instead move towards the beaming brightness again.

Speaking up when you need help, is the smart way in starting the process of truly living freely again. The second part is really wanting to change, as you are the only one that can make this happen.

Feel the vibration of this emotionally-charged single on Soundcloud and see his life on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen