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Where Will We Go: Moonlight Rhythm Society show us that soulfully sultry jazz on ‘Allison’

With 2020 shutting the world down into mask-filled darkness, Moonlight Rhythm Society used this opportunity to make beautifully crafted music and ‘Allison‘, is the first of seven much-anticipated releases from true underground legends of their craft.

Austrian Expats Marcus Oberlecher and Andreas Oberlechner started working with Peter Gaylord¬†back in the early 80’s in Johannesburg, South Africa, where their bond grew close and the three-piece jazz trio have been working together ever since.

”The uncertainties and inherent difficulties in making a living out of the music industry led to Andreas and Marcus obtaining university qualifications in law and science respectively with Peter active in the running of the medieval themed restaurant that also provided an outlet to perform his music.”- Moonlight Rhythm Society

With their soulful tone streaming through your curious speakers, they lift through all the current climates to expertly simmer in a song that has you smiling again. They are so delightful and you can’t help but smile broadly while tapping your feet to a wonderful melody that has you in a joyful mood to embrace the new possibilities, that are there if you want them enough.

Allison‘ from Johannesburg-based jazz three-piece Moonlight Rhythm Society, is a terrific single from true musicians who do this for the love, as they let us into that old school feeling that is hard to find these days.

Stream this jazzy wonderland of sounds for the mind to heal with on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen