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LegitWord wonders in with back tingling masterpiece ”Black Ink”

Producer and musician LegitWord has just given us a masterpiece. The beat is so intricate during the track and sneaks up to you. The build is so impressive and the bass settles in to your mind perfectly. I love the soothing vocals and they compliment the message expertly. This has to be a theme track to a series soon, this is clearly cinematic.

Black Ink” is a mystical marvel that has raised the level here in 2020. This is genre defying and can’t be placed into any box. There is Lo-Fi Hip Hop here with a sprinkling of soul that is quite incredible. One of the best songs of the year without doubt.

You feel like you are perhaps wasting time and you can brush it off from your mind. The smoke blows through your soul and inside you start to open up after the carnage is complete. You start to think clearer and realize that you need to move forth. The time is now.

My goodness. That feeling when you hear a song that grabs at your senses and forces you to lock tightly in? Quite lovely to say the least.

We await the EP that LegitWord has cooked up and ”Perspective” drops on 28th July. Add it to your calendar now.

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Stream this soulful stunner here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen