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Found Myself Again: Jen Eve is beyond couragous on Persistent Flattery

Bravely recording her music despite the ominous ticking clock of osteosarcoma, Jen Eve shows us that music may heal so many wounds on the excellent Persistent Flattery.

Jen Eve aka Jen Eve Taylor is an inspiring, terminally ill, classically trained musician and writer who has tragically been told that she doesn’t have much time left.

My cancer is really rare; 75 per cent of people get misdiagnosed. No one knows about it, and it’s very, very fatal unless you catch it early, which no one ever does because no one knows about it. Any opportunity I have to say, ‘hi, I’m Jen and I have osteosarcoma’ feels worthwhile to raise awareness.” ~ taken from her Islington Tribune article by Izzy Rowley

Performing with outstanding poise and superbly intricate passion, Jen Eve is a true modern day hero who opens up our minds into what is actually possible during this short time on earth.

Persistent Flattery from the hugely determined UK-based musician/writer Jen Eve is such a stunning soundtrack which will take our hearts on a wonderful journey. Sung with true love and gorgeous vocals, this is a lovely release from a brave soul who refused to leave this planet without recording her music.

Inspiring all listeners, we find a single that shows us the resilience needed to be truly remembered.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen