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Halle Abadi is set to release her ensnaring Persian pop single, ‘Comfortable’.

Halle Abade

Halle Abadi is set to release her most ensnaring single to date with, ‘Comfortable’, the exotic, sensual and vibrantly authentic track weaves Abadi’s Persian/Afghan culture with dark moody pop sensibilities to create an empowering earworm that we are sure you’ve never heard the like of before.

Abadi wrote Comfortable as a siren call to relationship complacency and mundanity that can ensue when someone gets too comfortable without the invitation to do so; staying true to her lyrically emboldening style.

Halle Abadi’s vocals are just as distinctive as the RnB pop instrumentals that sporadically go baroque with orchestral strings, adding another mesmerising layer to this already intricately complex track that will remind you of the time when Britney and Destiny’s Child reigned to supreme.

The fiery pop track is due for release on June 4th; you can pre-save the single via Halle Abadi’s official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast