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Mark McQueen puts us on the ‘Guest List’

Mark McQueen is an underground performance-pop artist based in Brooklyn, NYC; he began sketching fashion designs aged four, acting in theatre at five, and playing piano at six – all of which combines here to provide the background to McQueen’s performance-pop.

‘Guest List’ is a vaguely electronic-based perfect slice of pop, a kind of mix of Tori Amos/Amanda Palmer mixed with Erasure, Peaches, Mika, and the Scissor Sisters. It’s that sort of electronica-dance-pop thing that has a touch of the 1980’s without ever sounding dated or retro, like Daft Punk on ‘Instant Krush’ mixed with a little bit of Nicki Minaj. It’s fresh and familiar at once, catchy as hell, and – in the nicest possible way – inoffensive, despite the NSFW language. It’s a perfect pop song.

Hear ‘Guest List’ on Spotify; follow Mark McQueen on Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes