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Montreal’s Charlize Anne is massively courageous on the superbly honest Perfectly Me

After sending our hearts into a bundle of emotions on previous singles Karma and Playboy, Charlize Anne rattles a gem up for us to get over a past flame with via the why-did-you-let-me-down anthem, Perfectly Me.

Charlize Anne is a Montreal, Canada-born indie pop singer-songwriter who started life on the stage when she was just 6 years old through the school choir.

During high school, Charlize, fronted a pop rock band. Performing alongside her twin sister (Rochelle) Charlize has sung the national anthem for hockey games as well as performing for the elderly.” ~ Charlize Anne

Taking her life back and never letting up despite the scars, Charlize Anne is on top form and leads the way in showing us what to do when the hurt bellows so deeply. Sung with precision timing and a glorious tone which is massively memorable, we are treated here to a new single with so much meaning.

Perfectly Me from Montreal, Canada-born indie pop singer-songwriter Charlize Anne is a heart-tearing single about expressing the anger behind being played by a manipulatively dangerous snake who only wants one thing.

Feeling hurt and slicing away the pain, this is a catchy pop single to nod heads with all day long.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen