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‘More Water Under The Bridge’ from Perenna King is a song about lies and forgiveness

More Water Under The Bridge‘ from Perenna King is a song about lies and forgiveness that is lathered into a cold swim of regret.

Perenna King is a New York City based singer-songwriter who mixes dark pop with Baroque sounds, she fills the air with such variety and love. This is a musician that loves to be different and make exciting music.

You love them so much but they have lied so many times. Your patience has run out now and you are actually really tired of this person. The trust is gone and nothing will help anymore. The time to move on and forget is here. You wish you could forgive but you have too many times and things have not got better.

Pop singer Perenna King sings with such passion here and she is clearly saddened by what is going on with this situation. ‘More Water Under The Bridge‘ is a heartfelt story about trying to forgive this person but you can’t seen to do it this time. After being hurt so many times, the end is so close now.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen