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Hold Me: Penny Roox desires someone real to love on ‘Sad Sad Dreams’

Returning graciously with her second single after the incredibly real ‘Mean‘, Penny Roox reminds us of her remarkably vintage sound via the new single which transports you to a highly reflective place called ‘Sad Sad Dreams‘.

Penny Roox is a The Netherlands-based indie dream-soul singer-songwriter. She elegantly seeks to find that pure love through tragedy, and sings about these memorably intimate moments which has your heart beating so fast.

Stepping into an all-so-alluring vintage black-and-white daydream, Penny Roox presents herself as a long-lost classic songstress of the 60’s – alluding to the likes of a modern-day Dusty Springfield or Nancy Sinatra.” ~ Penny Roox

Her stunning vocal ability is so peaceful with a tinge of heartbreak, as she looks for that human who will have her floating into the sky, with so many butterflies fluttering all over her soul. Each note is so sumptuously made, the supreme soundscape takes you to that place where you feel like you are in a completely different era, that is so far away from this often-harsh world.

Sad Sad Dreams‘ from The Netherlands-based indie dream-soul singer-songwriter Penny Roox, is a moving track of the highest order – as we are wrapped into a love bubble – by such a nostalgic artist who is truly rather special. She weaves a gorgeously-tied bow all over our hearts, as she takes us on a ride to that moment you wish was easier to find.

True love is that elusively frustrating journey, that you only know you have found, when you unexpectedly find it.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen