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Observe the 93rd – punchy, potent, power-pop with new single ‘TRL’

Observe the 93rd

Based in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, Observe The 93rd make a hell of a racket for a duo; that’s intended as a compliment, both vocalist/guitarist Derek Henry and drummer Dylan Zepp making some formidably good alt-rock power-pop noise. ‘TRL’ opens with a picked guitar line that’s kinda reminiscent of Blink 182’s ‘Adam’s Song’ or ‘I Miss You’, gently reverb-ed and turned up front and centre in the mix, before the track smacks you in the face like a badly-landed kick-flip; yeah, it’s got that ‘skater-punk’ feel in parts, a little of Simple Plan or Good Charlotte, but there’s an extra bit of heaviosity to the guitars, too, along with a Calling-like SERIOUSLY pop -driven, hook-laden catchiness to the chorus that works its way into your head really, really easily and then refuses to ever leave again.

It’s an absolute belter of a tune. You can check out Observe the 93rd on YouTube or here.

Review by Alex Holmes