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Organized Chaos: Promising RnB singer-songwriter Abiel bravely asks for help to find the right path in the bustling ‘City of NY’

As her young eyes looks deeply at the constant confusion and worrying trends that has us all so nervous to go outside, Abiel asks us to assist her find the right path to that ultimate contentment on her new single ‘City of NY‘.

Abiel Biney aka Abiel, is a highly talented and self-motivated The Pennsylvania State University 2021 graduate and indie RnB/pop singer-songwriter. She carefully pens the type of songs that grab you closely, gives you a hug, and has you feeling so uplifted, that you are floating above the clouds like a happy bird who knows exactly where to fly.

Her voice is so sweet and honest, each lovingly written lyric is sung with a nervous energy and you feel that you are listening to an artist who keeps it so real. Her style is a pleasure to listen to and you feel like she has so much potential – if she works hard at her craft – and avoids the noise that so many get drowned out by.

City of NY‘ from the vibrant young RnB/pop indie singer-songwriter Abiel, shows us a road that can be so worrying and keep you withdrawn, when you actually need to be outside meeting people and living life. The truth is, there is no right path, only signs of where you need to go and be with. Trusting your gut is the only way to survive after all.

Stream this new single on YouTube and see more on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen