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Everett Gibbons – Nokia: Finally, Some Hip Hop with Humility

New England based artist Everett Gibbons has just dropped his latest track Nokia and set himself apart from every other Hip Hop artist on the underground scene, and yes, he’s done it with a song about Nokia phones.

His playful lyrical style and candescent delivery allow him to pull off this sound without becoming a parody of himself. Anyone that had the joy of living through the 90’s with an old school Nokia will get bitten by the hype of this track, Hip Hop fan or not. As soon as the verse kicks in, you develop an infinite amount of respect for the versatile artist for his ability to relate in his own charismatically eyebrow raising way. As soon as I hit play, I felt myself gravitating toward the experimental old school beat to his track, knowing that this is as down and dirty as Hip Hop gets

Gibbons has just released his latest album “Dam(n) the Mainstream”, after hearing Nokia, I can’t wait to sink my teeth into the rest of the 13 track project which promises to be fuelled with substance, soul, and synth.

Check out the official video to Nokia on the YouTube link below:

Head on over to his website to check out his album & touring info!