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For The Last Moment: Pedro Meyer thinks back to those long-lasting moments on ‘Please Remember Me’

With his dark long locks flowing into the gusting breeze as he looks deeply into the sky above, Pedro Meyer wonders if his memory will live on forever with his profound new single called ‘Please Remember Me‘.

Pedro Meyer is a Rio de Janeiro, Brazil-born, Denver, USA-based indie singer-songwriter who fuses in his own original combination of funk, blues, Americana and folk.

With particular attention to lyrics and composition, his music aims to find the balance between the moods that sways the listeners and lyrics, drawn from his personal life and observations, that everyone can relate to.” ~ Pedro Meyer

As he guides us into this deeply intimate story that has you gazing into the mirror, Pedro Meyer¬†is in a calmingly contemplative mood as his gritty vocals show us his ever-rising quality. This is an artist who certainly isn’t afraid to write completely honest lyrics, that has you in a quietly thoughtful and nostalgic mood.

Please Remember Me‘ from the Brazilian-born indie Americana/folk singer-songwriter Pedro Meyer is an emotional track that sinks you into the bubble bath of your churning soul and with a concerned look on your dreamy face. You feel that this is all that you want, as you look into your memory and hope that you have lived for a purpose. Having your name live on even when the darkness comes, is so vital as you ensure that you have not wasted your time on this planet.

Hear this new single on Soundcloud and see his moves via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen