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Feeling so good: Tee Official tells us about his journey to being ‘King of the Hill’

With confidence in droves and with a riveting rap delivery, Tee Official shows us up the mountain to where he’s at on ‘King of the Hill‘.

Nigerian/UK emcee Tee Official is an emerging Peckham-born, Thamesmead-raised, South London-based hip-hop artist, who makes that impressively raw British street-hop that is has you listening intently all the way through.

This is the story of feeling like assured, as things are going well right now and you need to be more respected in the game. The fly ladies are noticing your style which could get you into trouble one of these days, but for now the crew is tight and the night is very young.

He raps with that inner conviction that everything is going to work out, as the lights up the mic to shred some seriously impressive bars over a catchy beat, that has your head nodding for hours.

King of the Hill‘ from the hungry South London rapper Tee Official, is that bouncy street track to play at the house party, or for when you are out with the crew looking for snacks to devour later on. He raps with that impressive flow that is sure to have you playing his music for days and imagining him playing live at a massive festival, to fully get a true sense of his artistic quality.

Hear this hot track here on Spotify and see his stylish ways on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen