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I See You: Farenwyde opens our mind up on dazzling debut Eerie

Taking our souls into a happier place and brushing away all the cold, Farenwyde bolsters our imagination far from the frozen lake via a finger clicking experience to feel alive with on Eerie.

Farenwyde aka Sasha Andreyevskiy is an emerging electronic music producer who formulates the kind of tracks which shall flip moods over forever.

My music production journey started in April 2022, though I have always wanted to create and share my music with the world.” ~ Farenwyde

Brushing all pain away and taking us into a more peaceful world, Farenwyde is rather impressive here on this monumental anthem for those who need hope in a volatile world.

Eerie from the skilled electronic music producer Farenwyde is a special song which shows us the taste of freedom for all its magnificence and never lets go. Fueling our emotions to spark up and layered rather expertly, this is a hugely promising debut single to treasure for its soul-healing qualities.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That Much Is True: Blake Rave helps out a special person as he truly cares on ‘Oxygen’

With a we-can-get-past this-mentality of never giving up even when the chips are down on the ground, Blake Rave looks into their tearful eyes and vows to be there forever no matter what on ‘Oxygen‘.

Blake Rave is a Midwest-based indie rock singer-songwriter who performs with a peaceful energy that has you clicking the lighter on and swinging it slowly in the air.

Although not one who craves attention or the spotlight, Rave feels completely at home on stage and has a way of connecting to his audience during a live show. Blake Rave is laidback, unpretentious and his authenticity as a person can be heard through his music.” ~ Blake Rave

There is much to admire about Blake Rave, who projects his message with the utmost class and honesty. His vocals are so toned and crisply delivered – as he shows us that real kindness is definitely not a weakness – in a world where heroes are often hiding away in the shadows.

Oxygen‘ from the soulful Midwest, USA-based indie rock singer-songwriter Blake Rave, is such a peaceful effort from a truly kind soul. He sees that a close friend is feeling down and needs his help, to get past everything that is holding them back from finding that ever-lasting happiness. Sung with a calm and strong ambience of hope, this is exactly the kind of message we all need to hear on this cold planet full of doubters.

Hear this sweet new single on Spotify and see more stories on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Can’t be loved, Till I love myself: Javii reminds us to be kind to ourselves on ‘Self Love’

With a peaceful whistle and a gentle sound that has you feeling so tranquil, Javii tells us the message that we all need to hear on ‘Self Love’.

Joel Javier Zorrilla aka Javii, is a brave Miami, Florida-based indie folk/pop singer-songwriter. He is a courageous creative who has endured a tough life and has used music as his escape, from a wind-swept upbringing full of storms and carnage. He chose to float away from the thunder on his guitar lifeboat — and is now free to be his own lifeguard — and swims majestically with a calm mind to help others.

This is the true story filled with heart-stopping moments, as you remind yourself to stop being so harsh when you make silly mistakes. The world can be gloomy and grey at times, as you look to love someone else during your journey of doing the same for yourself.

He has such a calming vocal exterior, that seems to brush away the dust that can fog up your mind. Each guitar strum is made with so much peace and care — as you feel like you are drifting from the bad vibes that are easy to soak into — moving into the road that you really want to be on instead.

Self Love‘ from Miami, Florida’s Javii, opens the creaking door to where you need to be, as the world blusters over your mind sometimes to shake all that noise on you. Having the self-awareness to take some time to mellow out and worry about yourself for a bit is definitely needed. Being positive and kind to yourself in this quick-swipe and compare society, is the only way to stay sane after all.

Stream this quality single on Spotify and check out the IG music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Finding The True Peace: Tuomo Karjalainen soars above to give us that pure feeling again with ‘The Moon Over La Gabriella’

Despite being limited with a sore tendon injury, Tuomo Karjalainen has fought through the pain to make a wonderful new single that will have you feeling romantic on ‘The Moon Over La Gabriella’.

Tuomo Karjalainen is a soulfully aware Finnish guitarist based in London, UK. He loves to make that ‘Cinematic Dream Guitar’ sound that pulsates purely in your mind, so that we can all reflect a bit better and make moves that actually help us learn and grow.

”I got the name from the movie An Affair To Remember (1957), and it refers to a yacht that the main character had ‘three unforgettable evenings’ on.” – Tuomo Karjalainen

You feel the stunning backdrop against your tired body and you let the music take you to a place that you haven’t felt for a while. His skills with the guitar are placed to the fore, his mind and body all transferring such a warm and kind feel, in the often cold and dark world.

The Moon Over La Gabriella‘ from the humble London-based guitarist Tuomo Karjalainen, shows us the way into that true peaceful feeling when you learn to love yourself and are finally at one with your surroundings. With all of the hustle of bustle of the world, you need to have some time to look at something truly beautiful, so you can find your path to true enlightenment which means everything to your journey of life.

Stream this new single on YouTube and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Bringing Beauty Again: Canada’s Steve Nicosia sends us a heartfelt ‘Reflection’ to immerse inside

Taken off his five-track EP from 2020 called ‘Retrospective‘, Steve Nicosia gives us a picture of his ‘Reflection‘ on this soulful track, that will have you feeling thoughtful about where your life is headed.

Steve Nicosia is a Canadian instrumentalist who likes to make music that means something deeper than most, as he filters out the noise of the world to create something meaningful and authentic.

The layers are made with such care and love, each verse swims into each other like a crystal clear river that shimmers into the sunlight. This is the perfect song to mellow your heart with, as you glide into the night with no worries in the world.

Reflection‘ from Toronto, Canada-based instrumental artist Steve Nicosia, is the sweet look inside the world that can be so pure if you let it consume you, as you block out the distractions and peacefully sift through what is actually important, and what really isn’t.

Stream this track on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Lauren Kidd is brilliant on her new indie-folk single ‘Sunday’s Best’

Lauren Kidd is brilliant on her new indie-folk single ‘Sunday’s Best‘, a peaceful song about love that is of such beauty to listen to and heal with.

Queens, New York based singer-songwriter Lauren Kidd breezes in with a voice and style that makes you listen to twice. The former vocalist/guitarist of Clearview, the solo mission is now the ride for a while. This is an artist who can see the world clearer than most, experiences have made an old soul of someone so young. With a song that is so sweet, sad and inspiring at the same

Sunday’s Best‘ is a terrific song from the soulful Lauren Kidd and she sings with such passion. The undertone is soft but made with love, her vivid voice takes you to another world, you want to support her and hope that she finds that true love. That love that makes you smile, that person who is there when you are really need them.

Stay tuned for her debut album titled “Our Numbered Days”

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen